1. Code Enforcement Standards

    It is the responsibility and duty of Code Enforcement to visually and physically inspect residential and commercial properties for compliance with city codes, zoning ordinances and construction codes.

  2. Forbidden Sanitation Items

    The Sanitation Department adheres to the guidelines set by the city and other governing laws pertaining to items that may be placed inside a dumpster. Forbidden items that are found to be placed inside a dumpster will result in that dumpster not being emptied.

  3. Unacceptable Landfill Items

    Find out which items cannot be disposed of at the Big Lake Landfill.

  4. Citation Fee Schedule

    Refer to this schedule of fees to determine the total amount of your fine(s) and cost assessed against you.

  5. Requirements to take Driving Safety Course

    Find out the requirements to participate in a Driving Safety Course, or Motorcycle Operator's Training Course.

  6. Procedures to Host a Parade in the City

    Obtain procedures to request street closure to host a parade inside the City limits.